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Plumbing emergencies are expenses that most people like yourself usually never anticipate in advance. The last thing any homeowner wants to do is pick up the phone and call for an emergency plumbing repair in Markham. Especially if it's an emergency call that has been made too late. The damage is already done, and unfortunately our plumber only arrives in time to inspect the aftermath.

As expert Ontario's Markham plumbers, we'd like to advise you that thoughts of saving money today should be the last thing on your mind with your plumbing problems. Otherwise it could quickly get messy, expensive, and even sometimes disastrous.

Our team has have put together and article to highlights 5 warning signs that could help you avoid having to make that call for plumbing services in Markham

  • You can hear the water in your pipes
Water running to your pipes when they're not in use shows a leak. Our team would advise that you check your walls, ceilings and floors for any brown damp or wet spots. If you find a water spot that is still warm this will show a leak in one of your hot water pipes. One of the easiest ways to check this is to simply switch off the heater and see if the meter is still running. Call one of our teams of plumbers and we can quickly fix the problem

  • Your pipes are frozen
Anyone who lives in Markham knows keenly that winter poses dangers to their coming. If you turn on the faucet and all you hear is clanking noises and you don't have any running water, this usually means your pipes are frozen and they need immediate professional intervention. Because the next thing is going to happen is that the pipes will crack or burst and that is something that you want to avoid at all costs. Our plumbing repair experts will advise that you always let a faucet run at a dribbling pace to prevent pipes easily freezing during the winter.

  • Plumbing noises
If you're doing your laundry, running your dishwasher, taking a shower or using the toilet and this results in a loud gurgling sound this is not something you should ignore. Plumbing systems are not designed to make these types of noises, and they show a problem ahead. Best advice is not to wait for the issue to get worse. If the problem is persistent, call a plumber before an emergency happens. The gurgling sound is usually a sign that your plumbing is having an issue with airflow.

  • Virtually no water pressure
Your faucets aerator could reduce water pressure by getting clogged up with gunk, and they can remove this to easily solve the problem. However, if there's no clear blockage, it could show a leak because of some erosion being a fracture in your water pipes. Unfortunately, many customers in Toronto and Markham area ignore issues with low water pressure, if you've been in conquering this problem for a while please don't fall into the same trap call an expert plumber today.

  • Issues with the drains
Clogged pipes in your bathroom and kitchen aren't difficult to identify. Water taking an age to drain can usually be solved by using a plunger and some other simple techniques. If you're smelling strange odors coming from your pipes, no matter how old your sewer system may be, this is not something you should ignore as it might cause health and environmental issues in your home.

While these five are some of the most common emergency plumbing repair in Markham it's not a definitive list. This article highlights the variety of different situations you can encounter with your plumbing and to reiterate that problems that are fixed today will save you money.

Our team of emergency plumbing technicians in Markham Ontario have decades of experience in the industry. We work hard at maintaining our center reputation, which is built upon a foundation of honesty, transparency, and delivering results every time. If you have encountered problems with your plumbing, are you in need of emergency bathroom repairs, sewer line repairs, water damage restoration, well servicing any other plumbing services in Markham, please contact our plumbing expert team today to schedule an appointment.